Office 365 Planner: A productive yet underused utility

Ever since Microsoft Office 365 came, the organization has a steep raise in its users. There is nothing wrong in saying that the productivity suite is worth its subscription because of its innovative tools and component. You can prepare official presentation, documentation, statistical representation and much more.

office 365 planner

However, not every user has explored all the attributes offered by MS Office setup 365. Here, you will discover about Office 365 planner, which is unexplored by most of the users. The tool is highly useful for users who work on shared sheets or documents.

If you are among users who need to work collaboratively with office colleagues, then Office 365 planner can help you increase your efficiency, as it is sorted collaborative task management tool. Now, how can the tool help you while working? Here, you will have the solutions of your doubts with MS Office setup 365 planner.

How does Office 365 Planner help in your task?

This element initially offers you attributes for better work coordination, especially when there are several subtasks. When the tasks are not dependent on others, you still can manage many things in parallel. If you do not want the complexity of a Gantt chart, then Planner is an effortless option for you.

With this utility, you can create task cards into columns. Depending on your field of work, you can customize it according to your need.

Where will you find Planner?

Make sure you have MS Office setup 365, as Planner is a part of it. In case you do not have the software, you can go to, purchase your subscription and install it on supported device(s).

Now, when have the access on licensed product version, you will find a Planner icon in the Office 365 App launcher. To access the utility, follow the prompts and launch it. In case you are having trouble accessing the component, go to and under the support section, you can search you query or submit report.

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