September 17, 2018

Office Setup 2016 – Redeem Office 2016 Setup Product key | 2016

Install Office Setup 2016 for Pc or Mac in Office, Home, and Student versions. Download the Office suite installer package via 2016.

Microsoft Office suite comes preinstalled in computers and laptops in some cases because of its essentialness. Nearly every organization relies on this productivity suite for discrete range of task such as creating presentations, getting along with teamwork, real-time collaboration, and much more.

The organization has a team of developers that constantly work on enhancing product features and delivering better user interface. Ever since Microsoft Office 365 was introduced to the people, a majority of them migrated to use smart services of Microsoft Office online.

By the online platform, you can easily go through its products, packages, and services. Users who are comfortable using Office setup 2016 or other versions can download these versions as well. On an addition, the services delivered online are now more secured and dependable.

However, to get the benefit of these amenities, it is required to have a product subscription. When you use the Office product key, you unlock more services that are not available for users with Microsoft Office free download.

Why do you need MS Office Setup product key?

Get MS Office free download from and leverage the productivity suite. If you have a subscription of any Office product, you can install the activated version of the software by using your Office product key. MS Office product key is also required when you reactivate the software and upgrade it.

Moreover, if you are reinstalling the software, you will need the product key to get the access to have the installation link from the official source. In general, users uninstall and reinstall the software when there is any technical glitch or the software in not installed in the right way. To install the MS Office without an error, refer to the instructions below.

Download and install Office Setup 2016

  • Download
  1. Visit, click sign in button and go to your profile
  • If you don’t have an account, click ‘Create a new account’ and follow prompts displayed on the monitor for successful account registration
  1. When you are taken to your profile, you will need to enter your MS Office product key in its respective field
  2. Click submit
  3. You subscribed product will appear on the same page, click ‘download’ and follow the installation process
  • Install
  1. If the download file is in zipped format, extract them and run Office Setup
  2. Enter the admin password when a pop-up window appear to allow permission for installation
  3. Execute the procedure as suggested by the installation window and complete the installation

If you have preinstalled Office suite, skip the steps mention above and check if the installed software is activated or not. To know how to check if the product is active or not and how to activate it, go through the instruction below:

Activation steps for MS Office 2016

  1. Launch a utility such as Microsoft Office Word
  2. Check on the top of the application for a highlighted banner with a Reactivate clickable button
  • If there is no banner of the top of the application window, login to and check. Renew if the product subscription is going to expire
  1. Click on the button and it will redirect you to the login page of Microsoft Office
  • If you are already signed in, you will not need to do it again
  1. Login and enter your Office setup product key in its respective field
  2. Complete the activation steps

To confirm, launch any utility and see if the banner appears again. If no banner is there, the software is activated. On another case, you may need to get in touch with the supper team.

Stuck with an error? Get support for Microsoft Office suite from here

Other than Office activation error, if you are facing issues such as not having the access any of the application or your account, you need MS Office customer support. It is suggested to get the solution by an expert; else, you may make setting changes that can increase the complexity of the error. is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For Microsoft Office products. Use of Microsoft Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that Technology has any business association with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office trademarks, Names, logo and Images are the property of their respective owners; disclaims any ownership in such conditions.