Speech Voice Recognition to be the Next Smarter Technological Move

With the advancement of technology everything seems to be more technological than ever before especially when it comes to the AI (artificial Intelligence) devices. Recently, self driving cars had made headlines by becoming driver less smart cars. Moreover, there was also an AI robot developed by Hong-Kong based company which became the first Robot to get the citizenship of the country. Now the time has come for the next big leap that will be the development in voice recognition technology introduced by the big tech giant, Google.

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speech voice recognition

According to the sources, Ben Gomes has recently revealed the better understanding of the common language might become the big challenge for the future of the internet. The core advances of the speech recognition will help the mass population all over the world. However, there are so many hurdles which may take place in order to get better understanding how a reference of “male” or “female” will work.

On Google’s 20th anniversary on 24 September, Gomes has made announcement about the most ambitious project. Few years ago, Google launched its first voice services ‘speech-to -text for search’ which is now transformed into the Google’s search and its Artificial Intelligence voice recognition has been deployed in billions of smart phones all over the world.

Smart products have become the usual things in countries like India which used to be very advanced technology in the western countries a few years ago. In 2000, Google launched the spelling correction and willingly overcame with this feature by facing the lot more complexities then just adding dictionary.

It is so hard to understand the language on a computing level but for Gomes the future lies in recognizing the voice search through the computer.  So that in future you will be able to communicate with the machine in more sophisticated ways and try to sort out all your queries.

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